Below are some of the feedback we have received from associated facilities regarding the services provided by Jasda Physiotherapy.

“Extensive documentation; easy to follow.”

“Jasda are happy to be on-site to speak with accreditation team and explain their system thoroughly.”

“Documentation during ACFI period very thorough.”

“The physio service was very reliable and punctual.”

“A professional attitude was demonstrated at all times.”

“A fantastic service.”

“Jasda physios are professional in all aspects of the service supplied to this facility.”

“The JASDA program has allowed better access to physio for our residents. There is a strong team relationship with JASDA staff and facility staff.”

“Residents stating they are enjoying their group exercises. Increased attendance to exercise group maintaining their mobility.”


Sample Accreditors Report

2.14 Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation

This expected outcome requires that “optimum levels of mobility and dexterity are achieved for all residents”.

Team’s recommendation – Does comply

“Systems are in place at the home to ensure optimum levels of mobility and dexterity are achieved for all residents. The system includes initial and ongoing assessment of residents’ mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation needs. The home’s program includes passive/active exercises during activities of daily living, group exercise classes and individual one-on-one exercise programs with a focus on falls prevention. Residents/representatives interviewed by the team confirm involvement in the mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation programs offered by the home.”