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“When I first started working in the Aged Care industry in 1992 it was clear to me that the principles of rehabilitation applied equally to older people as it does to younger patients in hospital and rehab settings.”“It is such a joy for us to see older people regain lost independence through our help.”

John Riley, the founder and Director of Jasda Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services

We are a dedicated team of physiotherapists and O.T.’s that have been serving the aged care community for over 22 years, who are constantly seeking to improve and expand within the industry.

At Jasda we aim to provide the highest possible standard of aged care physiotherapy.We provide services to facilities by maintaining highest standard of documentation maximising your ACFI funding, working closely with your ACFI coordinator or key ACFI staff. Our specialty in falls analysis and strategies to prevent falls is second to none along with your annual manual handling training for your staff to ensure the safety of staff and residents. Pain management for residents is a focus of ours and we offer evidence based strategies for your residents.

Our highly qualified physiotherapists work as primary contact practitioners implementing our resident focused approach with the ultimate goal of helping older Australians improve or maintain their optimal physical well-being.

At Jasda we believe in a holistic team approach to care delivery and we work closely with each facility to ensure that Physiotherapist, O.T., Physiotherapy assistants, RN, AIN/PCA and management staff are all fully informed and involved in therapy delivery.

We highly value evidence based practices and our therapy outcomes are derived from solid data gained as we assess and reassess our clients.

Throughout the years, the many facilities associated with Jasda have enjoyed strong and consistently positive results in all areas of accreditation that relate to physiotherapy.  Jasda has also significantly assisted facilities in their claims for funding from the early days of CAM & SAM, to RCS and now with the current ACFI.

Jasda strives to be the leaders in aged care physiotherapy, continually optimising the therapy outcomes for every individual resident and the facility as a whole.

We take pride in creating a tailored culture of excellence and we are passionate about providing quality services for all our clients so they can lead fulfilling and mobile lives.