Aged Care Physiotherapy Consulting Services

Aged Care Physiotherapy and O.T. Consulting Services
Jasda has worked closely with many aged care facilities on projects to assist facilities in an area of need that relates to therapy. From accreditation preparation, large scale staff education, to ACFI funding maximisation and program development. We have had great feedback from facility management to help in their time of need. We carry with us expertise second to none.

We have also helped onsite therapists to develop and refine their program to collect and achieve measurable outcomes required for Accreditation. Jasda has been working with nurse consultant teams for over 18 years and enjoy assisting facilities to setup great programs and achieve the best outcomes for their residents.

Let us help you with:

  • Accreditation preparation.
  • Staff education on any scale.
  • ACFI funding maximisation.
  • Program development.
  • Program analysis and research.

With over 22 years of aged care industry experience and being one of the first aged care therapy services in Australia, we’ve seen the full gamut of challenges that present and have worked with facilities big and small.

No problem is too hard to fix and our approach is to collaborate with you on getting the best solution for you and your residents. We are a committed group to helping the aged care sector be the best it can be.

Call us on 9683 2222 or email us – we’ll help any way we can.