Our services have been honed from years of experience in the aged care setting and knowing what works and what doesn’t. At Jasda, we make sure we offer the latest in what the research has to offer so that you and your residents get the best treatment possible.

Our services work closely with you to ensure that you get the most out of the ACFI funding enabling you to offer more for your residents.

Services-GraphOur aged care physiotherapy services involve:

  • Provision of full assessment and care plans for all residents.
  • Ongoing physiotherapy treatments for prioritised residents.

Jasda focuses on:

  • Rehabilitation and mobility training for aged care residents.
  • Exercise, chest physiotherapy, pain management, falls prevention, oedema management.
  • Working with dementia and challenging behaviors.
♦ Residential Aged Care Services

Implementing regular physiotherapy sessions for all aged care residents can help improve their mobility, balance, relieve pain and increase their overall quality of life. Read more…

♦ Safety & Manual Handling Training

Jasda Physiotherapy works with facilities to ensure all staff are properly trained in the latest Manual Handling training and techniques.  Regular training will enable staff to comply with current accreditation requirements, and help to prevent or minimise injuries to residents and staff. We provide this training to a wide range of aged care facilities and health provision organisations. Call Dilshad on 02 9683 2222 to arrange a meeting and quotation for the safety and manual handling training that you need. Read more…

♦ Aged Care Pain Management

Jasda Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services offer tailored programs dealing with Acute and Chronic Pain Management. These programs are tailored to improve the quality for life for residents and assist facilities comply with ACFI claim requirements. Read more…

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♦ Physiotherapy & O.T. Relief Services

Jasda Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services can provide high quality relief services for your facilities to help cover planned or unexpected leave of your existing therapy services. Read more…

♦ Aged Care Physiotherapy Consulting Services

With over 27 years’ experience in this sector our advice is second to none. We have been providing consultant services since 2001 to facilities who require assistance in setting up therapy programs, modifying or bringing about positive change in their therapy services. We regularly help a wide range of aged care facilities with accreditation, research into our services and ACFI funding maximisation. Read more…