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Jasda Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services is committed to helping you stay ahead of the game and providing you with as many resources as possible.

We’ll regularly keep you updated with important pieces of information. We compiled a list of resources that we think are useful.

See our 10 minute manual handling session on using hoists.

At Jasda, we want to make sure you have all the information you need at your finger tips. Over the years, we have found these website to be the most useful.

  • The NSW Falls Prevention Network is a great resource on connecting with other groups through their forums and event. They also have some great resources.
  • pdfIconHere is The Guide: Implementing Occupational Health and Safety in Residential Aged Care with a focus on manual handling.
  • pdfIconStaff safety is critical, here is a generic aged care hazard register. This will give you a head start on identifying potential issues in your facility.

We like Whitely All Care for your residential physiotherapy equipment needs.

We trust Patterson Medical for any medical supplies.