Jasda Physiotherapy & Allied Health Services – Australia’s First Aged Care Specific Practise

As Australians live longer, ensuring our older citizens receive the best physiotherapy treatments available has become an increasing priority “there are nearly 2.7 million Australians between the age of 65-84 years and more than 415,000 over the age of 85 years in 2011.” www.abs.gov.au

At Jasda Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services we strive to be the leader in providing professional Aged Care Physiotherapy for seniors in the Sydney and across regional NSW communities.

The Jasda team focuses on providing the highest possible standards of service and care through their customised resident dedicated programs to ensure that positive outcomes for individual clients and their associated facilities.

Although ageing is a unique experience, all seniors want to remain as independent and mobile as possible. Jasda Physiotherapy works closely with facility management and staff to ensure that our aged care clients can achieve these goals and improve or maintain their optimal well-being. Our carefully structured and optimised therapies have been shown to improve client’s strength, balance and functional ability.

As well as the positive outcomes for aged care residents, Jasda therapists work intimately with associated facilities to provide strong and consistent results in all areas of accreditation that relate to physiotherapy.

Through our unique physiotherapy assessments, treatments, acute and chronic pain management programs we can help your residents enjoy a more fulfilling life. Our comprehensive education and training solutions will also help facility management and staff provide the best possible care in a safe working environment.

To find out more about the benefits we can provide your facility and each resident please contact our Head Office on 02 9683 2222.